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The Light Tower ETL8000 is a unique eco-friendly, fuel efficient and unbelievably quiet unit.

With a vertical 9m hydraulic mast, which rotates 360 degrees and erects in only 12 seconds, the TL-90 tower light is suitable for lighting both industrial and event sites. The TL-90 is a super silent lighting tower, creating 60db of noise at approx 7 metres, plus with four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps it provides high intensity light to a wide work area. 

The compact design ensures that the tower can be easily transported in bulk, with each unit, once in the set-up position, measuring length 2.5m x width 1.32m x height 2.1m. It has road lights and reflectors meaning it can be towed on the road too. Setting-up the TL-90 Tower Light is straight forward and easy with the fully automated mast erection and, once in position and fully extended, only measures length 2.69m x width 2.63m x height 9m.

A large 130 litre fuel tank and fuel efficient engine enables the TL-90 Tower Light to operate for an extended period of 85 hours on just one tank. Its wealth of safety features, including an emergency stop button, automatic engine shutdown (low oil pressure/high water temperature or thermal overload), mast deployment alarm and safety system (release park break and mast descends automatically), and easy access fuel fill with sight gauge, make it the ideal choice.

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Suitable for

  • Construction Sites
  • Highways Works
  • Railway Works
  • Airports
  • Entertainment Events
  • Security
  • Campsites
  • Car Parking


  • Lamps : 4x400W Metal Halide
  • Mast Height : 9M
  • Fuel Consumption : 0.9L Per Hour
  • Running Time : 166Hrs
  • Tank Capacity : 150L
  • Units Per Lorry : 9
  • Power Output : 8KVA
  • Winch Type : Hydraulic
  • Engine Make : Kubota Water Cooled
  • Noise Level : 62.5DBA
  • 20LUX Coverage : 3000Sqm
  • Mains Power : Yes
  • Weight : 970kg


  • Hydraulic, telescopic 9m mast
  • 340 degree rotation
  • 4 height adjustable stabilizers
  • Wind proof up to 80 km/h
  • High efficiency floodlights
  • Onsite tower trailer
  • Central lifting hook
  • Long run fuel tank with low consumption



  • Fuel efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very quiet when running
  • Easy to set-up and transport
  • Impressive light coverage

Product Download

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