Mobile Lighting


The Light Tower ETL4200 is an innovative unit, radically different in design, appearance, and performance to other lighting towers.

The Ecolite Tower Light possesses many unique features that minimise operational and transportation costs, and reduce the user’s ecological footprint. Due to its energy efficient engine, it will run for a massive 180 hours on a single fuel tank using only 0.5 litres of diesel per hour, a saving of up to 85% against conventional light towers.  This is not only a massive reduction in fuel running costs but also emissions.

The Ecolite Tower Light is state of the art, super compact and lightweight for ease of transportation - 10 Ecolite towers are transported on one lorry. It can be towed or lifted with its central craning and forklift points and, with multi-towing of up to 5 units simultaneously onsite, reduces set-up time.

The Ecolite Tower Light measures, in the set-up position, length 2.5m x width 1.4m x height 2.2m and, in position and fully extended, length 2.9m x width 2.1m x height 9.1m.

All the light you need, and a massive reduction in the emissions you don’t need - Noise, Carbon and Fuel.  Noise levels are below 85 LWA and, by connecting to the onsite power supply, emissions and noise are further reduced.

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Suitable for

  • Construction Sites
  • Highways Works
  • Railway Works
  • Airports
  • Entertainment Events
  • Security
  • Campsites
  • Car Parking


  • Lamp Type : 4x250W Ceramic Discharge
  • Mast Height : 9.1M
  • Fuel Consumption : 0.6L Per Hour
  • Running Time : 170Hrs
  • Tank Capacity : 95L
  • Units Per Lorry : 10
  • Power Output : 4.2KVA
  • Winch Type : Hydraulic
  • Engine Make : Hatz Air Cooled
  • Noise Level : 80DBA
  • 20LUX Coverage : 1200Sqm
  • Mains Power : Yes


  • Fully galvanised steel chassis
  • Fully hydraulic single axis mast
  • Eco-friendly water based hydraulic system
  • Central craning and forklift pockets
  • Fully braked axle and road lights
  • Fully adjustable stabiliser legs for use on uneven ground
  • 9.1m 360 degree rotating mast
  • Suitable for use in wind speeds of 100kph
  • Fully bunded design for spillage containment
  • Focussed and diffused luminaries with reduced glare


  • Energy efficient luminaries
  • Massive fuel savings
  • Easy to set-up and adjust lamps
  • Simple push button operation
  • Ability to link towers together
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Reduction in emissions

Product Download

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